macro price description 
         e3axis free  creates axis of holes defined by curves or edges of surfaces and solids or center points
          e3bom free  example of generation of Bill of Material (BOM) to excel table
         e3calc free  starts the calculator
      e3charMap free  starts the character map
       e3colors free  change colors of selected elements by color table
e3colorsProduct  20€  change colors of all parts in current product    
     e3colorsV2  20€  Färbung der Flächen gemäß Farbpalette  NEW 
  e3coordinates free  creates draft text with coordinates X,Y,Z for selected 3D point
    e3crvSmooth free  smooths curve from several segments to single curve with curvature continuity
    e3cutSymbol free  creates the symbol of a cut in drawings from the selected line and the given letter
        e3dText 150€  creating 3D text e.g for an engraving application and such like things  NEW 
     e3deleteNS free  deletes all hidden elements from selected geometrical sets (if possible)
      e3develop 150€  develops surfaces - computes a cutting edge
         e3edge free  copmutes characteristic points on cutting edge of sheet metal parts
    e3edgeAngle free  computes angles on cutting edges. 
     e3extrapol free  extrapolates curve with curvature continuity by circular arc.
      e3formula free  multiple assign the formula to the parameter of selected elements
      e3licence free  how many licenses are consumed from a license server?
     e3lockView free  locks or unlocks current drafting view
         e3menu free  menu for macros
      e3migrate  n/a  migrate CATIA V4 models and CATIA V5 parts according voestalpine standardts
        e3ntool  50€  simulates VW ntool to keep mask for writing to the kvs system
   e3prodRename 150€  Sie können die Teile und Produkte in der Baugruppe gemäß den definierten Masken ändern. 
       e3radius  20€  analyses the radiuses of circular curves, edges and faces even non circular
       e3robcad free  copmutes axis systems for robcad for bending edges of sheet metal parts
   e3roughStock  20€  creates rough stock oriented along two planes or to absolute axis system
      e3rubbish free  deletes lines, curves, planes, points from current selection
  e3stueckliste free  fill up parameters from part name, part number, ...
  e3sweepCircle free  sweeps an circular profile along a curve tangent to surface
      e3symetry free  mirror of parts and product according to XZ,YZ,XY plane
      e3validat  n/a  scans if validat licence is free