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EMA01059 31.05.00 changes drawings according to VW 010 59 EMA4VIEW 31.12.99 creates a drawing with 4 view (LIFORM, HMB, ...) EMAAREA 14.09.01 computes the area of SUR and FAC selected by multisel. EMAAXIS 15.01.02 creates axis of crv,sur and faces domains EMABEND 08.12.00 bends - develops sheet parts EMABREAK 23.06.00 breaks surface by another element EMAC1B 10.10.99 boundaries on sur, fac, soe EMAC1P 24.07.02 projects crv or ln on pln, sur, fac EMAC2C 06.09.98 tang.connects pt with end of ln or crv EMACMP 15.10.99 compares catia models (sur, fac) EMACOLOR 21.08.00 analyzes color of elements EMACOORD 28.11.00 creates draft text with point coordinates EMACRV 20.04.00 creates crv from points selected by multisel. EMACUT 21.05.01 creates CUT symbol from line (AUDI, SKODA, VW standards) EMACUTS 13.08.99 creates views from planes selected by multisel. EMADELAP 09.02.99 deletes applications EMADELDV 30.05.02 deletes unused details and symbols, empty views and sets EMADELFC 08.09.99 deletes fac identical with support.sur EMADELFL 11.06.99 deletes filters EMADELNS 15.08.00 erases elements in the NOSHOW area EMADGT1 22.11.00 digitalization - selects points by deviation EMADGT2 18.11.97 digitalization - selects points by projection EMADGT3 18.11.97 digitalization - creates a line normal to element EMADGT4 18.11.97 digitalization - lines from two points EMADGT5 13.12.98 digitalization - reduces num.of points EMADGT6 18.11.97 digitalization - translates selected control points of sur EMADGTX 30.04.99 digitalization - places model on points EMADIMB 18.11.97 puts an dimension into brackets EMADROP 09.02.04 drops links to the external (ovl.) models EMADOTS 01.02.00 creates a dot mask on the front glass of the car and develops the glass EMADUPL 11.01.00 deletes dupl.elements EMADVL 22.03.99 develops sur, fac - computes a cutting edge EMAEDGE 21.09.01 computes characteristic points on sheet edge EMAELIM 19.09.99 erases too short elements EMAERASE 01.01.97 erases elements EMAFAC 31.05.01 changes a lay of fac to lay of support. sur and vice versa EMAFLEX 18.12.00 flexible deformation of crv, sur, fac EMAFLT 10.10.99 quick set of filters EMAFOCUS 18.09.01 search coordinates of a drawing fields EMAGAPE 04.04.00 deforms a boundary of sur EMAGAUSS 09.04.99 gausses analysis for sur and fac EMAGLASS 23.01.00 cars front glass analysis EMAGRID 18.01.02 100-grid with coordinates EMAHIGH 12.02.99 moves highlighted elm to NO-SHOW EMAHOLE 15.09.98 makes the grid of holes EMAIAN 30.08.98 isolates all annotations in drawings EMALAY 22.08.01 changes the current layer, line style and sets std EMALAYT 24.01.00 transf.elements to the selected layer EMALINK 01.01.97 links all sets in a model EMALIST 02.06.03 find catia models EMANSS 29.08.98 puts to NO-SHOW background sur EMANURBS 18.11.98 converts faces with one an ordinary form EMAOFFS 24.11.00 creates parallel crv on sur through selected pt EMAOI1 02.03.99 isolates lines and curves by multisel. EMAPATCH 11.01.00 creates patch from pt, ln, crv, sur EMAPICT 21.11.00 creates pictures A3 or A4 with the logo of your company EMAPLN 01.01.97 creates a plane from an array of points selected by multisel. EMAPLNA 08.04.00 creates a plane by an angle from pln and ln or crv EMAPLNI 17.08.99 puts info text (equation) on the plane EMAPOLYH 24.10.01 converts polyhedral surfaces (POL) -> polynomial surfaces (SUR) EMAPOLYN 17.05.00 converts nurbs sur -> polynomial sur EMAPT 20.08.02 creates limit points or a point from elements intersection EMARPS 14.09.01 creates and or modifies the RPS table The function eliminates mistakes due to manual inputs of coordinates and very facilitates work with automatic re - counting of reference coordinates according to the position of the RPS reference system - the function reads the ditto of the RPS table in the frame view - the view of drawings frame must be current with the name FORMAT or VA FORMAT - if the ditto of the RPS table is not present in the model, the functions will reads it from library and puts it at the position defined by the user, if the ditto of the RPS table is not found in the library, the function is terminated - the RPS table can be moved by position indication - the functions read current RPS points from table (texts in layer 249) and - the functions checks if the RPS table already includes RPS points (texts in layer 249) and if is defined the reference point and the reference angle (24. and 25. text in layer 244) corrections: 14.09.2001 ref.ang.error check 14.09.2001 for empty table infinite loop removed ADD NEW RPS POINT: 1. enter name, e.g. HxyFz (the label RPS with number supplies the function by itself) the name must contain characters H,h,F,f (H=hole,Loch,Langloch; F=face,flache) if two-item name is entered, e.g. HxyFz, the functions inserts two lines into RPS table if one-item name is entered, e.g. fz, the functions inserts one line into RPS table 2. the PT,PTD selection or manual input of coordinates in the form X,Y,Z 3. enter the item dimensions, for H,h is offered menu: Loch Ø ... circular hole, enter dimensions e.g. 14.5+0.2 Langloch ... oval hole, enter dimensions e.g. 8+0.2 x 4+0.2 for F,f is offered menu: Fläche ... face, enter dimensions e.g. 10+1 x 20+1 Fläche Ø ... circular face, enter dimensions e.g. 14.5+1 4. the functions computes the complement coord. and fill out fields in the line 5. entering second dimensions for two-item name, the functions fill out fields in the second line EDIT SELECTED FIELD: 1. field selection by indication 2. the function offer the menu: NEW TXT overwrite selected text INSERT: BEFORE text insertion before selected text AFTER text insertion after selected text BACK return to main menu 3. text input if the fields with coordinates has been indicated, then the user can inserts the text manualy or the user can selects PT or PTD and the functions changes all three coordinates DELETE FIELD OR LINE: 1. field selection by indication 2. YES: field deletion, NO: line deletion INSERT NEW RPS POINT: 1. field selection by indication 2. YES: insert above selected line, NO: insert under selected line 3. next process is same as ADD NEW RPS POINT DEFINITION OF THE ORIGIN OF THE REFERENCE SYSTEM: the PT or PTD selection or manual imput of coordinates in the form X,Y,Z DEFINITION OF ROTATION OF THE REFERENCE SYSTEM: the AXS selection or manual imput of rotation angles in the form A,B,C where A,B,C are rotation angles around main axis system *AXS1 wchich is positioned into the origin of the RPS refenence axis system, the rotation are given in the fixed order: 1.around X axis, 2.around Y axis, 3.around Z axis RE-COUNT VALUES IN RPS TABLE AND RENUMBERING OF RPS POINTS: the funkction renumbers all RPS points in ascending order and re-counts all reference coordinates according initialization of RPS refenence axis system NOTICE: the selection in the RPS table for EDITION, DELETION and INSERTION is carry out by INDICATION (right or middle mouse button), the selection by the left mouse button is impossible because the RPS table is one separate element PICTURES: half size (java) real size (java) half size (html) real size (html) EMAS2I 17.02.99 deletes history from surfaces EMASECT 09.04.02 dynamic section through model (FAC+SUR) EMASHAP 10.09.02 support for exploded drawings (VW, AUDI, ...) EMASHS 12.12.98 picks sur from NO-SHOW EMASKIN 06.08.01 skin autosearch EMASPEED 01.01.98 speedmeter EMASTDPF 10.12.98 sets peguform catia standard EMASTDVW 02.07.01 sets vw catia standard EMASTUP 04.09.00 loads draw std from start-up model EMATAB 15.08.01 creates a draft table of point coord. from pt selected by multisel. EMATAB1 30.05.00 prints a table of coordinates to file from pt selected by multisel. EMATXT 01.01.97 creates a 3D text of pt or axs coordinates EMATXT1 03.02.00 creates a 3D table of coordinates of pt selected by multisel. EMATXT2 11.12.98 creates a 3D text of hole coordinates + diameter EMATXT3 10.08.01 reads txtd and creates 3D pt EMAVUCHK 19.09.99 checks and modifies the view depth EMAVUCUT 07.05.00 makes a cut from the space model EMAVUID 19.09.01 view description (VIEW, SECTION, DETAIL, SCALE, ...) EMAWF3 02.05.00 analyses WF3 elements EMAWIRE 01.11.01 converts curves to lines and circles for wirecut machines EMAWHITE 07.11.00 changes background color of the screen WHITE/NORMAL EMA_XYZ 10.10.98 fast changes of screen X, Y, X, XYZ, D, 2W, 4W with reframe
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