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 nameprice description  (Prices are quoted in DEM)
EMA01059 172 changes drawings according to VW 010 59
EMA4VIEW 28 creates a drawing with 4 view (LIFORM, HMB, ...)
EMAAREA 28 computes the area of SUR and FAC selected by multisel.
EMAAXIS 57 creates axis of crv,sur and faces domains
EMABEND 172 bends - develops sheet parts
EMABREAK 115 breaks surface by another element
EMAC1B 115 boundaries on sur, fac, soe
EMAC1P 28 projects crv or ln on pln, sur, fac
EMAC2C 28 tang.connects pt with end of ln or crv
EMACMP 546 compares catia models (sur, fac)
EMACOLOR 28 analyzes color of elements
EMACRV 57 creates crv from points selected by multisel.
EMACUT 115 creates CUT symbol from line (AUDI, SKODA, VW standards)
EMACUTS 57 creates views from planes selected by multisel.
EMADELAP 14 deletes applications
EMADELFC 57 deletes fac identical with support.sur
EMADELFL 57 deletes filters
EMADELNS 28 erases elements in the NOSHOW area
EMADGT1 14 digitalization - selects points by deviation
EMADGT2 14 digitalization - selects points by projection
EMADGT3 57 digitalization - creates a line normal to element
EMADGT5 14 digitalization - reduces num.of points
EMADGT6 14 digitalization - translates selected control points of sur
EMADGTX 115 digitalization - places model on points
EMADIMB 14 puts an dimension into brackets
EMADROP 575 drops links to the external (ovl.) models
EMADOTS 287 creates a dot mask on the front glass of the car and develops the glass
EMADUPL 115 deletes dupl.elements
EMADVL 575 develops sur, fac - computes a cutting edge
EMAEDGE 575 computes characteristic points on sheet edge
EMAELIM 28 erases too short elements
EMAFLEX 115 flexible deformation of crv, sur, fac
EMAFLT 86 quick set of filters
EMAFOCUS 172 search coordinates of a drawing fields
EMAGAPE 172 deforms a boundary of sur
EMAGAUSS 115 gausses analysis for sur and fac
EMAGLASS 863 cars front glass analysis
EMAGRID 517 100-grid with coordinates
EMAHOLE 57 makes the grid of holes
EMAIAN 28 isolates all annotations in drawings
EMALAY 28 changes the current layer, line style and sets std
EMALAYT 28 transf.elements to the selected layer
EMALIST 575 find catia models
EMANURBS 172 converts faces with one an ordinary form
EMAOFFS 57 creates parallel crv on sur through selected pt
EMAOI1 57 isolates lines and curves by multisel.
EMAPATCH 863 creates patch from pt, ln, crv, sur
EMAPICT 172 creates pictures A3 or A4 with the logo of your company
EMAPLNA 57 creates a plane by an angle from pln and ln or crv
EMAPOLYH 57 converts polyhedral surfaces (POL) -> polynomial surfaces (SUR)
EMAPOLYN 57 converts nurbs sur -> polynomial sur
EMARPS 575 creates and or modifies the RPS table
EMASECT 172 dynamic section through model (FAC+SUR)
EMASHAP 86 support for exploded drawings (VW, AUDI, ...)
EMASHS 86 picks sur from NO-SHOW
EMASKIN 172 skin autosearch
EMASTDPF 57 sets peguform catia standard
EMASTDVW 57 sets vw catia standard
EMASTUP 57 loads draw std from start-up model
EMATAB 57 creates a draft table of point coord. from pt selected by multisel.
EMATAB1 57 prints a table of coordinates to file from pt selected by multisel.
EMATXT 57 creates a 3D text of pt or axs coordinates
EMATXT1 57 creates a 3D table of coordinates of pt selected by multisel.
EMATXT2 28 creates a 3D text of hole coordinates + diameter
EMATXT3 28 reads txtd and creates 3D pt
EMAVUCHK 115 checks and modifies the view depth
EMAVUCUT 115 makes a cut from the space model
EMAVUID 143 view description (VIEW, SECTION, DETAIL, SCALE, ...)
EMAWF3 143 analyses WF3 elements
EMAWIRE 575 converts curves to lines and circles for wirecut machines
EMA_XYZ 57 fast changes of screen X, Y, X, XYZ, D, 2W, 4W with reframe